Do you need someone with high energy and enthusiasm to get a room full of people excited about nutrition and health?

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Here are some topics I love speaking about:

  • How to include (and enjoy) more veggies in your diet
  • How to increase your kids’ acceptance of veggies and other healthy foods
  • Picky eating problems and/or mealtime behavior problems
  • Introducing solids (including baby-led weaning)
  • How to build a healthy meal and/or snack (what should every meal and snack include?)
  • Trendy diets (e.g., Keto, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting)
  • Intuitive/mindful eating
  • The science of nutrition (how digestion works, the difference between protein, carbs, fat and what foods are the best sources)

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I do not currently work 1:1 with clients. Please use this form for sponsorship or collaboration proposals. For example takeovers, relevant product promotions, speaking, media or magazine work.