Behold: A 3 ingredient, 3 minute, practically no-prep meal. The Egg-adilla. My husband gets full credit for inventing this baby. I’ve included a step by step tutorial for you with pictures. See the bottom for additional mix-ins.
I wanted to tell you a little about the nutrition of the egg, one 50g (large) egg has:
– 70kcal
– 2.5g unsaturated fat
– 14% of your daily riboflavin needs
– 11% of your daily vitamin B12 needs
– Almost 1mg of iron (~5% of your needs)
– 23% of your selenium needs
– 10% of your phosphorus needs

Here’s what you need for the Egg-adilla:
– One egg
– A handful of shredded cheese (~1/4cup)
– A corn tortilla
– Hot sauce (optional, I use Crystal, it’s very mild)

What to do:
Step 1. Beat egg in a bowl
Step 2. Pour into a hot, lightly greased pan (turn heat to medium, medium-high)
Step 3. Agitate the egg with your spatula, this helps the middle of the egg cook, preventing the bottom getting cooked and the top staying raw
Step 4. Add your cheese

Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Step 5. Gently press the tortilla on top of the cheese and leave for about a minute
Step 6. Flip to the tortilla is on the pan, leave for another minute
Step 7. Remove and serve (ensure egg is cooked/firm, 160F)
Additional mix-ins:
– Chopped broccoli
– Chopped tomato
– Grated zucchini
– Grated carrot
– Chopped spinach/arugula
– Spices

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