Imagine yourself actually enjoying a nice meal with your kids without all the stress, frustration, and battles.

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You’ve spent naptime putting together a lovely meal for dinner… but in the back of your mind you just know your child either won’t touch it or will scream and throw a fit because they don’t like it. You’re feeling so overwhelmed, don’t know why you should bother anymore, and ready to give up.

Do you dread mealtimes? All the stress of staying on top of your child to eat, bribing them to just try one bite of green bean, or getting so frustrated with all the screaming and meltdowns you just want to give in and make them something else.

Or, you’re worried about giving your child dessert because they’ll want seconds, thirds, fourths and then be too full to eat any of their other healthy foods. What do you do? You don’t want to restrict them, but you’re scared they’ll become obsessed with ‘unhealthy’ food and want it all the time.

Make one meal and feel confident doing it! No more short-order chef mom catering to everyone’s individual preferences. No more worrying about your child not eating or trying new foods. No more bribing, fighting, and staying on top of your kids to eat.

Meltdowns over what you’re serving? No problem. You won’t feel the need to yell at your child or stop them screaming, that leaves you frustrated, angry, and drained. You’ll finally be confident and empowered knowing what to do and what to say to help the situation pass with minimal frustration to you.

Give dessert or “junk” foods with confidence knowing you’re providing your child the foundations of a healthy relationship with food. Instead of restricting and dreading when your child asks for seconds or thirds, you’ll welcome it feeling self-assured and ready. You’ll know exactly what to say (and not to say) to keep all foods equal, and nurture mindfulness and enjoyment in food.

Instead of worrying all meal long about your picky eater getting enough nutrients, you’ll be equipped with strategies to make foods fun and less intimidating. Your mindset will shift from the cycle of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt to positivity knowing all the tips and tricks that are within your control to change.

Thalia’s Signature Coaching Program – working 1 on 1 with me for 5 months to give you the personalized support you need to reach your mealtime goals.

Thalia’s Signature Coaching Program provides you with:

Zoom calls every other week (first call 1hr, all other calls 45 mins)

A BONUS call to use anytime during the program when you need extra support

Access to a secure private chat with me for unlimited help and troubleshooting between calls

✔ You’ll also receive access to one or both of my courses to best match your needs.

Monthly investment for this highly supportive program is $999/month (USD)

In some (rarer) circumstances, 5 months may not be needed to solve the problems you’re having. When we speak on the phone I’ll assess this.

You’ll feel supported the throughout our time working together 💜

You’ll get periodic questions and reflections to help us track your progress when it comes to behaviors and mindset so you can see just how much you’re improving.

When we work together, you’ll feel supported and understood. You’re not alone in the struggles that parents have at mealtimes. I am deeply passionate about getting you from the place of mealtime madness, frustration, and stress, to a place where mealtimes are peaceful family time, and enjoyable.

During our calls, and with the assistance of the reflection activities, and the direct message board we’ll get to the root of what’s happening below the surface. What is it that you see as the problem? What changes can we make together to reach your mealtime goals?

You’ll get personalized recommendations, tips, and strategies to get your mealtimes back on track. Whether it’s related to picky eating, dessert obsessions, mealtime meltdowns, or stressful meals filled with battles – this program will empower you to make changes confidently, stop second-guessing yourself, and put you back in a place where mealtimes are under control.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your mealtimes and finally solve the problems? Click below to book a free discovery call with me – We’ll talk face to face about how I can best support you in achieving your mealtime goals.


Cassie and Peter Midgley ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Parents of 5yo)

We were struggling with mealtime meltdowns, high stress meals, screen at meal, a super picky eater, and no routine around meals.

Thalia’s approach was so in line with our parenting style, but also very individual to us. If we tried something and it didn’t work, she would adjust it according to what she knew about our child and in consultation with us. We never felt judged for anything and felt confident always sharing our thoughts with her.

We now have a set schedule now for all mealtimes and a great template (mini-meals!) for how to prepare them. We also have no screen time! Thalia left us with more strategies, ideas, and pathways to continue this journey after coaching.

Picky eating IS an issue, but it can absolutely be dealt with. Whatever issues you are having (including neurodivergence) there is a pathway that will work for you and your family. It’s so worth the amount of stress we were able to reduce, even though this is a work in progress. Don’t wait, but also it’s never too late to start!

Hannah and Ryan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Parents of 5 and 7yo)

Our kids never wanted to try new foods, instantly rejecting them and deciding they were gross before even engaging with them.

All our efforts to expose our kids to new foods or different variations of foods were feeling like wasted energy. Our dinner times involved separate meals for the kids, often the same foods on repeat. We were missing something to help our kids approach new foods with curiosity and finding the language to discuss and engage with them about food. This is where Thalia came in!

Thalia helped us see that there was a way to help our kids progress with trying new foods without drawing hard or uncomfortable boundaries around what was offered at meals or pushing our kids before they were ready. We never felt forced to draw hard lines with our kids in a way that made meals stressful. Instead, she really partnered with us behind the scenes to help guide us at meal times, orienting around our specific goals. She helped us find the language to engage thoughtfully with our kids in productive, supportive dialogues around how it feels to experience new foods and how we can intentionally “stretch ourselves” to be flexible or curious with foods.

We gained confidence in initiating conversations at the table that nudged our kids forward. Our kids started more readily engaging with previously ignored foods, trying new things confidence, showing willingness to move outside their comfort zone to combine foods, try new forms of familiar foods, add toppings, and discuss their experiences of flavor, texture, and taste. It’s been so exciting to watch them grow!! 

Our initial hesitation was cost and that we had never sought professional support through social media. Thalia was with us all along the way, responding to chats and offering suggestions between sessions. In sessions she was professional but warm, supportive, and always encouraging. Such a force of caring, kindness, and attentiveness added in with her knowledge and experience.

Thalia’s one-on-one program gives you individualized, professional attention and support for your seriously picky picky eater. This goes so far beyond fun food exposures and serving balanced meals and provides personal, individualized in-depth coaching to help parents find the language to engage their kids in the conversations necessary to support their curiosity and flexibility around trying new foods.

Alana ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 3, focus on 9yo)

When we approached Thalia to work together, our 9yo’s food list was limited and shrinking. She was refusing to try new foods, and was inflexible when it came to food, often skipping a meal if it wasn’t what she preferred.

Our child has ADHD, several intolerances, and we worked with other professionals before and had limited success and were concerned about the cost of Thalia’s program and would it help us.

Since working with Thalia, we’ve noticed an improvement on our daughter’s flexibility with food and her willingness to experiment with non-preferred food.

Working with Thalia, I loved that there was no judgment about what our daughter could tolerate. Thalia provided proactive solutions for how to work within our limitations and expand from a safe platform.

I feel like I’ve got a great array to tools and conversations to utilize with my daughter when things get tough to help her continue expanding her food list, she’s even tried some fruits and vegetables that left me shocked.

Mel Gmeiner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 7yo)

Since working with Thalia my daughter is so much more willing to try new foods!

I’m parenting my 7yo neurodivergent kiddo alone and I’ve searched everywhere for someone to help with her picky eating.

Before working with Thalia, she was demanding the same few foods on repeat and I didn’t know how to break free from her limited diet of sausages and chips.

One of my goal foods was meat in non-sausage form. With Thalia’s support and guidance, I’m amazed that she’s consistently eating chicken and spaghetti bolognaise with meat sauce!

I’ve seen so much improvement in what she’s willing to try, she’s even developed a tasted for carrots and is much more interested in food in general.

Thalia’s ideas to engage my daughter with food and how to communicate with her completely changed my mindset.

I’m so much more confident talking to her about food, we have more meltdowns or fights about food being on her plate.

Katherine Dickinson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 7, 5, & 3yo)

I’ve struggled with picky eaters for years. It has been a huge source of stress for our family with kids refusing to try new foods, having meltdowns when anything new was put on their plate, and obsessions with carbs and dessert.

Before joining Thalia’s small group program I’d followed her tips on Instagram but wasn’t getting the traction I needed to move forward. I was concerned the group wouldn’t change my situation.

Now, 6 weeks on, my anxiety has lessened, and I feel more confident in putting new foods on the plate. The weekly calls boosted my confidence, helped start each week with a positive outlook, and gave me different techniques to try (and they were successful!)

The small group kept me accountable and gave me a lot more confidence staying consistent and not giving up when I had a bad day or things didn’t work as planned.

I knew I needed help and was lacking motivation to keep trying. Thalia’s approach is getting our family back on track. Connecting with others in the group facing the same struggles was so reassuring. This group takes a commitment and work to see a shift in behaviors, but I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to sign up!

Andrew S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(24yo – coaching for me!)

My list of foods has exponentially increased in just a few months!
Before working with Thalia, I felt high amounts of fear and dread at the idea of trying anything new or “too different.” I had a very limited selection of foods, only 10-15 items in total, and would frequently binge eat.

Throughout my work with Thalia, I started feeling excited to try something new, no more fear, dread, or shame. I’ve also healed my relationship with food. I no longer label foods as “bad” and feel disgusted with myself when I eat takeout.

My binge eating has also decreased dramatically, and I no longer feel shame when it happens (only occasionally now!)

Thalia is an incredible person to work with. It feels like from the very beginning she is there because she wants to see you succeed. She was able to help me see every single one of my wins no matter how big or small they were. Also, she does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable. After a few sessions I stopped feeling awkward about opening up about eating habits that I thought were “embarrassing.” I felt fully supported and accepted.

The program itself is amazing, but working with Thalia is the greatest part. She has a wealth of knowledge from her work as a dietitian and is an incredible parent herself. Most importantly, she is 100% invested in seeing you thrive and succeed. I will forever be grateful for the impact she made on my life!

Natalie Scozzaro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 16mo)

Before working with Thalia my 16mo was having major behaviors at the dinner table from continuous moaning and groaning, to tantrums, food throwing and lots of tears (for me and him!) My husband and I had a huge fear that the techniques wouldn’t work. My husband was especially skeptical of Thalia’s ‘far-fetched’ methods and couldn’t see how they’d work after everything we’d already tried. Buuut… THEY ALL WORKED!

The constant support and reassurance from the moment we started with Thalia was invaluable. Thalia assured us we WOULD get to the bottom of the behaviors, even after my family told me for months it was just a phase.

My husband and I are now so confident and we’re in complete control of mealtimes even if things get out of hand. Food is a big part of our lives and now we enjoy them with our son.

This has changed our lives forever, and I say forever because we learnt skills with Thalia we will use with our future babies. She instilled confidence in us, I’m no longer embarrassed or ashamed when we are out to eat with my family.

Wanted to say thank you again! We’re still going super strong. To see the work we put in is continuing to develop just blows me away!I can’t remember the last time I was anxious about a mealtime.

We’re having so much fun exploring all kinds of food in a respectful manner where nothing ends up on the floor, wall, or outside the placemat.

We’re so glad we reached out! I’ve been able to focus on repairing my relationship with my son. I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you helped us!

Danaila & Robert Moe ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 14mo)

When we reached out to Thalia our 14mo was very picky with foods. He’d refuse to try new foods, turn his head away during meals, and throw food – I was SO frustrated!!

Mealtimes were stressful and I was really worried we were falling into bad habits.
My main reservations before signing up were cost and how we’d actually implement the changes to get results. We took the leap and started seeing progress in the first week (he ate broccoli and I was not stressed anymore!)

The program was wonderful. Thalia’s approach is very appropriate and natural. The strategies helped reduce the stress for me and my son at mealtimes. Now mealtimes are enjoyable for all of us and my son’s very open and willing to try new and different foods.

Z. Taylor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 10yo and 3yo)

Before working with Thalia my 10yo daughter was a super picky eater, had major meltdowns about food, snacking was a nightmare, she was fixated on sweets, and I was a short order cook 😵🥴

I had no hesitations about getting started… These problems had gone on for so many years and we were at our wit’s end, very concerned about her eating habits, and her relationship with food now that she’s almost a tween.

Now after only 3 months, she rarely has any meltdowns and eats more variety. Thalia helped us set up a routine for meals that respectfully involved our highly capable 10yo. We’re now having peaceful family meals and there’s so much more trust and closeness in our relationship. I used to have anxiety before she got home from school — now I’m waiting at the door with a hug 🤗

There were some bumps along the way and any time I had questions I’d tell my daughter “I have to think about it”, which meant “I have to send Thalia a message!!” Thalia’s program is highly supportive, between calls she’d always reply to messages promptly which meant I was confident with my direction. Thalia changed my way of thinking about food and sweets!

I’d wholeheartedly recommend this program to other parents for a toddler as well as an older child like mine (10yo.) Thalia helped us so much with suggestions I’d never have thought about. I thought I had tried everything, but nope your tips and support proved me wrong! 🎉

Datevig Tegeleci ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Mom of 2yo)

Before working with Thalia I feared it wouldn’t work for me! It was scary placing my trust in someone to help me without “knowing” my child.

My 2yo had a very limited diet and was unwilling to try new foods. She’d have meltdowns at meals, push her plate away and scream. Mealtimes were extremely stressful, and I dreaded sitting at the table with her.

Since working with Thalia we’re much less stressed at mealtimes. We’ve readjusted our attitudes and mindsets, we’re setting (and sticking to) firm, respectful boundaries for our child in a much more positive manner.

We loved Thalia’s frequent check ins between calls to keep us on track even when things were hard. The chat feature made us feel supported and we were confident that there were solutions for us!

My daughter is more willing to touch and try new foods. She’s tried green beans, peas, beef, even dipped pasta into sauce, and ate chicken after months of not wanting it!! She shows more interest in food and most dinners are calm, relaxed, and even fun now.Not only did Thalia help lighten the emotional load, she gave us the tools and confidence to continue this journey with our daughter 😊

Natalie & Bill Parker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Parents of 3yo and 10mo)

With Thalia’s support our 3yo (now 4yo) is much more relaxed about sweets despite the fact he doesn’t always get them when he wants them. We’re also much better at communicating with him, making mealtimes fun and playful, and are confident in how to manage sweets and meals!

Before working together our son was fixated on sweets and we were unsure how to manage it without making it worse. Our main hesitation before signing up was partly the cost but also a worry that our issue wasn’t as severe or somehow deserving of help.  However, getting specific answers to our questions and the confidence in our plan was invaluable.

Before starting with Thalia our son would ask constantly about desserts and wouldn’t accept “no” or “it’s not on the menu.” Now he does without complaint or asking again and again. He recently turned down more brownie and chocolate because he was full! We’ve never known him to turn down chocolate. He’s also eaten carrots and other veggies at meals with dessert, even ice cream!

This is a great program because at its core, it’s about setting your child up for a good relationship with food in the long term.  You come away with a plan of things to try that are tailored toward your situation and it gives you a new way of thinking!

Finally, there’s respect for the parent as a whole person and not a skew to meeting the child’s (and only the child’s) needs. I’ve already recommended Thalia’s program to a friend!