Imagine yourself actually enjoying a nice meal with your kids without all the stress, frustration, and battles.

You’ve spent naptime putting together a lovely meal for dinner… but in the back of your mind you just know your child either won’t touch it or will scream and throw a fit because they don’t like it. You’re feeling so overwhelmed, don’t know why you should bother anymore, and ready to give up.

Do you dread mealtimes? All the stress of staying on top of your child to eat, bribing them to just try one bite of green bean, or getting so frustrated with all the screaming and meltdowns you just want to give in and make them something else.

Or, you’re worried about giving your child dessert because they’ll want seconds, thirds, fourths and then be too full to eat any of their other healthy foods. What do you do? You don’t want to restrict them, but you’re scared they’ll become obsessed with ‘unhealthy’ food and want it all the time.

Make one meal and feel confident doing it! No more short-order chef mom catering to everyone’s individual preferences. No more worrying about your child not eating or trying new foods. No more bribing, fighting, and staying on top of your kids to eat.

Meltdowns over what you’re serving? No problem. You won’t feel the need to yell at your child or stop them screaming, that leaves you frustrated, angry, and drained. You’ll finally be confident and empowered knowing what to do and what to say to help the situation pass with minimal frustration to you.

Give dessert or “junk” foods with confidence knowing you’re providing your child the foundations of a healthy relationship with food. Instead of restricting and dreading when your child asks for seconds or thirds, you’ll welcome it feeling self-assured and ready. You’ll know exactly what to say (and not to say) to keep all foods equal, and nurture mindfulness and enjoyment in food.

Instead of worrying all meal long about your picky eater getting enough nutrients, you’ll be equipped with strategies to make foods fun and less intimidating. Your mindset will shift from the cycle of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt to positivity knowing all the tips and tricks that are within your control to change.

Thalia’s Signature Coaching Program – working 1 on 1 with me for 3 months to give you the personalized support you need to reach your mealtime goals.

Thalia’s Signature Coaching Program provides you with:

Zoom calls every other week (first call 1hr, all other calls 45 mins)

A BONUS call to use anytime during the program when you need extra support

Access to a secure private chat with me for unlimited help and troubleshooting between calls

✔ You’ll also receive access to one or both of my courses to best match your needs.

Package price is $2,250 total, we can set up a payment plan of $750 per month.

You’ll feel supported the throughout our time working together.

You’ll get periodic questions and reflections to help us track your progress when it comes to behaviors and mindset so you can see just how much you’re improving.

When we work together, you’ll feel supported and understood. You’re not alone in the struggles that parents have at mealtimes. I am deeply passionate about getting you from the place of mealtime madness, frustration, and stress, to a place where mealtimes are peaceful family time, and enjoyable.

During our calls, and with the assistance of the reflection activities, and the direct message board we’ll get to the root of what’s happening below the surface. What is it that you see as the problem? What changes can we make together to reach your mealtime goals?

You’ll get personalized recommendations, tips, and strategies to get your mealtimes back on track. Whether it’s related to picky eating, dessert obsessions, mealtime meltdowns, or stressful meals filled with battles – this program will empower you to make changes confidently, stop second-guessing yourself, and put you back in a place where mealtimes are under control.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your mealtimes and finally solve the problems? Click below to book a free discovery call with me – We’ll talk face to face about how I can best support you in achieving your mealtime goals.