You CAN stop stressing about ‘treats’! ✅Learn how to navigate them & foster a healthy relationship with food for you child

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Imagine feeling confident and in control at mealtimes even when pizza, candy, or dessert are on your child’s plate.

If you’re anything like most of the parents I speak to, navigating “junk” food with your kids is a struggle. All you want is for your kids to eat their healthy veggies and proteins, but it feels like the more you push veggies and other healthy foods the more your kids ask for sugary treats and snacks.

You’re scared and uncomfortable offering dessert, worried your kids will go wild and stuff themselves before getting to the healthy stuff…  Then there’s the conundrum of what to do when they ask for seconds and thirds of cake.

Maybe you have memories of sneaking sweets because your parents restricted them and now you’re worried your relationship with food will have a negative impact on your kids

You’re in the right place if:

  • You want to be confident serving sweets and trust that your child will know when to stop eating their “treat” food or “junk” food
  • You want to trust your child to stop eating their dessert or pizza because they’re full and listening to their body
  • You want to serve sweets, treats, and other “junk” foods without being wracked with fear, guilt, and anxiety
  • You want to avoid future problems like disordered eating, food guilt, shame, and body image issues

Raise a future adult who can navigate ‘unhealthy’ foods in a healthy way!

I know this is all possible and there’s nothing I love more than helping families make their mealtimes joyful again. That’s why I’m excited to share my Stress-Free Sweets and Eats course that’ll give you the peace of mind you want and the confidence you need to trust your child (and yourself) around “unhealthy” foods. My goal is to help you foster a lifelong healthy relationship with food so your child never has to feel guilt or shame about wanting a “bad” food.

Hi! I’m Thalia the dietitian and mother of two little ones.

I created Stress-Free Sweets and Eats to help parents effectively and confidently navigate ‘junk’ and ‘unhealthy’ food.

No more guilt, shame, and name-calling of foods that can lead to a lifelong disordered relationship with food. I’ll help you foster and build your child’s healthy relationship with food.

What I’ve realized is many approaches that claim to improve picky eating and normalize foods like dessert and ‘junk’ still use restriction, scarcity, and pressure. These don’t work. They can actually increase both child and parent anxiety, lead to distrust, and exacerbate mealtime issues.

My method is flexible, practical for everyday life, and most importantly it’s rooted in kindness and respect to nurture not only a healthy relationship with food – but also a strong parent-child bond based on trust.

Stress-Free Sweets and Eats is an online course that you can take during nap time on any smart device (think easy access right on your phone!)

  • In my course I’ll take you through short video lessons that answer your burning questions about serving sweets, treats, and “junk” food so you can finally feel confident!
    • I’ve designed this course specifically for you, busy mama! The modules are short and fluff-free because I want you to start and finish! You’ll be empowered to implement what you learn and see results! I’m right there by your side in the lessons, talking to you face to face and cheering you on.
  • In this course I’ll share:
    • My secrets to making mealtimes less stressful (and how you can achieve that right now!)
    • Top tips to help you relax when it comes to treats and “junk” food
    • Why holding out to serve dessert is not the answer to your problems
    • Tricks (that aren’t tricks) to build a trusting relationship with your child around desserts and “junk” food
    • The secrets to handling candy-crazy holidays like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Chanukah
    • Why trying to educate your child about “bad” or “unhealthy” foods will backfire
    • How we think about “junk” food and treats changes depending on age (e.g., babies vs teenagers)
    • Actions you can take right now to set your child up for a healthy relationship with all food
    • BONUS module for navigating the never-ending supply of pizza, cake, and ice cream at birthday parties

Plus these bonus videos:

  • How to end a meal when your child will eat for an hour
  • The nutritional differences between candy and chocolate – what you can do
  • Building a balanced plate that includes a treat – tips and easy dietitian secrets
  • Included in this course are powerful mindset exercises to help you see “unhealthy” foods in a new, clear light. These reflections allow you to identify and address underlying issues many of us struggle with when it comes to our own relationship with food. After all, how can we expect our child to have a healthy relationship with food if our own is shaky and fragile?

As featured in Scary Mommy:


I’ve designed the course so that you can do it during nap time. My goal is that you, a busy mom/parent not only starts it… but actually finishes it! I’m right there by your side in the lessons, engaging and talking to you face to face, not through an impersonal voice over with dull slides.

It’s absolutely not too early! These methods are applicable right from the start and it’s never too late to apply these strategies. I have parents of older kids take the course and have great success. The course breaks down goals by age to walk you through the stage you’re in and prepare you for the next ones.

You can do the course on any smart device (including your phone.) I have two little kids and know how busy life is, I want to make it as easy as possible to complete the course. My recommendation is to use Chrome browser.

There is no time limit to access. Once you’re enrolled you will continue to have access with your login username (email) and the password you select during the registration process.

Yes! Any time you want to revisit a topic you can go directly to that video and watch it again (and again!) You can even start a video part way through – there’s nothing more annoying than knowing the clip you want to watch is right near the end, but the video doesn’t let you advance. I know how busy being a parent is!

While this course is most often taken by parents, it’s absolutely applicable to other caregivers. If you’re struggling to get grandparents on board, or they simply don’t get it when you explain the method – let me explain it to them! Other professionals who work with kids like nannies and early childhood teachers are others who benefit from implementing these methods.


Ada Bowers – Mom of 9yo and 1.5yo
My 8yo would eat so many sweets that he almost threw up. He was also picky and would only eat a handful of meals that I constantly rotated because he wouldn’t like it and cry. It was really stressful!

I bought the Stress-Free Sweets & Eats course to change my approach and help my child. I was also raised thinking that sweets were bad. Both my parents had diabetes so I always worried about too much sugar.

Now he eats what he’s given! He voices his likes and dislikes in a respectful manner instead of crying.” He’s more in tune with his body and stops eating before he’s uncomfortably full. The course also worked wonders with my 1.5 years old.

Thalia’s respectful specific phrases were extremely helpful. It’s hard to find the right words to confidently communicate with kids about food.

Here’s what Ada says to any parent on the fence about starting:
Do it! It’ll give you the confidence you need to be the parent and enjoy meal times with your family and get comfortable with sweets as just another food. These principles are applicable to kids through adults!

Cadence J – Mom of 6yo and 10mo
We’ve been implementing the no restrictions mentality and really changing the way we talk about food. Just finished both courses last night. My husband watched with me. I love how simple all Thalia’s advice is and how it’s actually helping in all aspects of communication with my oldest. When you emphasize the enormous importance of building trust it just all makes sense. Happy I found Thalia and excited to have tools to build trust with my littlest one from the very beginning. It’s amazing to see how my oldest adjusted so quickly as well. We still have work to do but we’re feeling really good!

Emma W – Mom of 2
My 4 year old is obsessed with lollies and soft drink and is constantly asking for them, which I struggle with and my 2 year old is always asking for a snack. I have found the course really helpful with giving me exactly what to say in situations with them and I look forward to the day where I don’t even have to think about it or get upset I just know what to say and move on.

Jaime B – Mom of 1
I have a 2 yo daughter. We’ve been following Thalia for a long time on IG and for a while dessert (fruits in our case) was restricted to after dinner and I always found dinner to be so stressful. We started including fruits with our meals and now they are no longer “elevated” foods. I still struggle with getting her to eat new things … we have been successful in getting her to at least try a new food without any pressure. Most of all, I have been very conscientious about being honest about what something is and not labeling foods as bad or good. I think this honesty has forged a lot of trust between my daughter and myself and for that I am super grateful!

Heather V – Mom of 2
This course is so empowering! I have 2 kids, a 5 year old and 2 year old, who love their sweets. I have struggled with deciding how I want to approach the excessive amounts of candy that will accompany the coming holidays. Thalia does a wonderful job addressing these concerns and giving real tools for me to use as a parent in these situations. The responses handout that comes with the course is GOLD; I have it up on my phone’s browser and have already found myself referencing it. My kids currently have a bag of treats from a birthday party so tonight they got a piece of candy with their dinner and I was shocked when my two year old’s first bite was of broccoli, not candy! The best part is that now after going through Thalia’s course, I have the CONFIDENCE to make some changes in my household. Thank you Thalia!

Liesel T – Mom of 2.5 year old
After taking Thalia’s first course and having the success I did with my son, I was really excited to take this second course! My son loves sugar (as do many hah!), and so I wanted to get a good grasp on how to handle candy better with him. He is 2 1/2 and we are nearing Halloween, and I was honestly DREADING having all this candy around that I knew he would be obsessed over! After taking this course, it all makes sense and I am so much more calm about how to tackle everything! Thank you Thalia once again for creating such a refreshing course!

Andrea DLT – Mom of 2
Once again Thalia helps us parents figure out mealtime struggles, and this time with one of my favorite but difficult topics with my toddler: sugar! And she makes it so easy to navigate it!
Perhaps the most valuable part is her fridge-friendly Response Handout that tackles common and even rare instances that could make any mom sweat when a kiddo asks for candy. The phrases WORK and relieve so much stress from this situation. Definitely recommend all parents take this course.

Allannah C – Mom-to-be
I’m so glad I was able do this course. Holidays and parties can be a minefield for me, so adding children to the mix seems so stressful. I want to make sure I’m not putting lollies and candy on a pedestal, but not restricting them either. This course shows how to strike that balance!
This course works really well with the first course as the strategies from the first set up the foundations for this one. I highly recommend this, especially during the candy-heavy holidays.

Are you ready to take control, feel confident, and try a new stress-free method that works? I hope so! Let’s get started, I’ll see on you the inside of the course.