Hi parent!

Do you have a baby or are you expecting a new arrival soon?
Are you wondering how start solids in a way that works for baby and you?
✅ Do you wanna make sure your child enjoys a wide range of healthy, nutritious foods in a stress-free way?

I’m working on the ultimate starting solids course for you


You’ll be empowered to:

➡ Positively navigate baby mealtime behaviors (think: food throwing, and turning their head away)

Prevent picky eating right from the start

➡ Make informed choices about how you feed your baby (no matter if you choose purees, baby-led weaning or a combo)

➡ Confidently and safely introduce foods and set your baby up with an adventurous palate

➡ Enjoy and have FUN during this amazing experience with minimal anxiety

⭐The course won’t just cover babies 0-12m, it’ll help you transition to, and navigate the toddler stage 12-24m as well.

If you’re looking for a respectful approach that goes beyond nutrition (don’t worry, there’s plenty of nutrition info too!) to support you through PARENTING AT MEALTIMES, join my new course waitlist and to not only get notified FIRST when the course launches, you’ll also go into the running to win FREE access!

Hi 👋 I’m Thalia the Dietitian @family.snack.nutritionst where I help parents around the world feed their kiddos with less stress, and support parents to foster healthy food relationships.

So many parents I work with and speak with tell me they wish they’d started sooner or had this information when their baby was born…