Imagine your mealtimes without stress… no tears, tantrums, or second-guessing yourself 😍

He was much more comfortable by the end of the week… he even ate an entire peanut butter *sandwich*. His first PB sandwich!” Kate – mom of 3yo

He’s never wanted meatballs before, tonight he said he’d try a bite. He ate seconds!!” Katie – mom of 8yo

While helping us, he touched the sausage and took his first bite of tomato!” Julie – mom of 20mo

Why Should I Join the Group?

I’m so much more confident and my mindset is SOLID 💪” Katie – mom of 3 children

Is the Group for Babies?

Is the Group for Older Kids?

Help, My Spouse Isn’t Onboard

What Do I Get with the Group?

How Does the Group Differ From the Course?

Current group is full

We also did the tofu bites & peanut sauce – um, he tried ALL the ingredients. And happily ate the tofu 😳😲. It was great! I am so thrilled!” Kate – mom of 3yo

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So many parents I work with and speak with tell me they wish they’d started sooner or had this information when their baby was born…