Imagine your mealtimes without stress… no tears, tantrums, or second-guessing yourself 😍

He was much more comfortable by the end of the week… he even ate an entire peanut butter *sandwich*. His first PB sandwich!” Kate – mom of 3yo

He’s never wanted meatballs before, tonight he said he’d try a bite. He ate seconds!!” Katie – mom of 8yo

While helping us, he touched the sausage and took his first bite of tomato!” Julie – mom of 20mo

Why Should I Join the Group?

I’m so much more confident and my mindset is SOLID 💪” Katie – mom of 3 children

Is the Group for Babies?

Is the Group for Older Kids?

Help, My Spouse Isn’t Onboard

What Do I Get with the Group?

How Does the Group Differ From the Course?

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We also did the tofu bites & peanut sauce – um, he tried ALL the ingredients. And happily ate the tofu 😳😲. It was great! I am so thrilled!” Kate – mom of 3yo

I’m Thalia the Dietitian @family.snack.nutritionst where I help parents around the world feed their kiddos with less stress, and support parents to foster healthy food relationships.

So many parents I work with and speak with tell me they wish they’d started sooner or had this information when their baby was born…


Katherine Dickinson

(Mom of 7, 5, & 3yo)

I’ve struggled with picky eaters for years. It has been a huge source of stress for our family with kids refusing to try new foods, having meltdowns when anything new was put on their plate, and obsessions with carbs and dessert.

Before joining Thalia’s small group program I’d followed her tips on Instagram but wasn’t getting the traction I needed to move forward. I was concerned the group wouldn’t change my situation.

Now, 6 weeks on, my anxiety has lessened, and I feel more confident in putting new foods on the plate. The weekly calls boosted my confidence, helped start each week with a positive outlook, and gave me different techniques to try (and they were successful!)

The small group kept me accountable and gave me a lot more confidence staying consistent and not giving up when I had a bad day or things didn’t work as planned.

I knew I needed help and was lacking motivation to keep trying. Thalia’s approach is getting our family back on track. Connecting with others in the group facing the same struggles was so reassuring. This group takes a commitment and work to see a shift in behaviors, but I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to sign up!