Imagine your mealtimes without stress… no tears, tantrums, or second-guessing yourself 😍

I can’t believe that after 8 weeks we’re no longer having meltdowns about food and the relationship I have with my 4yo is closer than before. Haley – mom of a 4yo

He was much more comfortable by the end of the week… he even ate an entire peanut butter *sandwich*. His first PB sandwich!” Kate – mom of 3yo

He’s never wanted meatballs before, tonight he said he’d try a bite. He ate seconds!!” Katie – mom of 8yo

While helping us, he touched the sausage and took his first bite of tomato!” Julie – mom of 20mo

To my surprise he put EVERYTHING in his mouth! I am dumbfounded! Thalia Prum you magical creature, I would never have gotten this far without you!Jamie – mom of 3yo (In case you were wondering, the foods he tried were brown rice, snap pea, broccoli, steamed carrot)

What did Jamie find more valuable? “The volumes of information!! There’s SO MUCH!! The groups chats and the sense of community with others. Thalia is pretty amazing, she feels more like a friend.

Jamie also wrote this: “Thalia has great guidance not only for our children but for us! I learned some things I MYSELF needed to do in order for my child to feel comfortable to eat properly. She’s an expert in her field and I am amazed at how quickly we got results! 10000% I would recommend this group!

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Why Should I Join the Group?

I’m so much more confident and my mindset is SOLID 💪” Katie – mom of 3 children

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We also did the tofu bites & peanut sauce – um, he tried ALL the ingredients. And happily ate the tofu 😳😲. It was great! I am so thrilled!” Kate – mom of 3yo


(Mom of 2yo and 8yo)

Before joining Thalia’s group I struggled with high stress levels at mealtimes, my kids (2 and 7.5yo) refusing to try new foods, and mealtime meltdowns. My biggest fear was that the program wouldn’t work.

Here we are after 8 weeks and I’m less stressed and my kids are eating more variety. I learned new techniques for how to increase food variety and reduce mealtime meltdowns and stress.

I really loved the support provided and the novel ideas and strategies, things I’ve not thought of. We CAN help ourselves and our children in their eating journey to lead to healthier eating.

Not every dietitian is good at helping with severe picky eaters, but Thalia really does help!

(Mom of 4yo and 6yo)

I wish I’d done this program 2 years ago! I would recommend it to anyone whose child is just starting to show signs of limiting their food/pickiness. I feel like I have more to ‘undo’ since my kids were 6 and 4 when we started. If I’d had these tools when the kids were just starting to show signs, I would’ve been better prepared to stop the problem from getting so bad.

This program reduced my stress levels and gave me the tools I needed to feel in control at meal times again. One of the key takeaways for me was changing how I communicate about food and increasing positive exposures to food.

I really appreciate everything and Thalia’s dedication to this program. She was always willing to let the call go long or spend a lot of time in the chat when we were struggling. Thank you!

Amy D
(Mom of 3 – 4yo, 3yo, 18mo)

When I considered joining Thalia’s group I was worried about it not working and the cost if it didn’t work. My main struggles with my 3 and 4 year olds were picky eating, refusal to try new foods and high stress level at meal times.

After these 8 weeks my stress level is sooo much lower which is making mealtimes more enjoyable. Kids are eating more on daily basis which is huge!

I loved all the tips and strategies that were given to introduce new foods. The games and silliness really helped us!

This program gives ideas and strategies you would never think would work! My kids wouldn’t touch fruit and just from one game suggestion from Thalia they both tried two different fruits they refused in the past! They now are eating so much more and I’m so happy they now realize they are hungry!

Kevin and Kaitlyn Speers
(Parents of 3yo)

We’re having less meltdowns at mealtimes! Our 3yo no longer freaks out when new foods are served and presented to him. He’s also no longer throwing food and getting so mad that it ruins the meal.

We reached out to Thalia because our 3 year old struggles with a very small list of ‘safe’ foods and is unwilling to try new foods. Initially we were hesitant to join the group program because of the time commitment, cost, fear it wouldn’t work but after meeting with Thalia on zoom for a short call, we were comfortable and ready to dive in.

Now my wife and I are much less stressed anxious at meals. We’ve used the strategies from the program to change our attitude towards meals which have made the biggest difference.

Many of the strategies to engage and have fun at meals have stuck and become routine habits that make mealtimes more enjoyable.

I enjoyed feeling part of a community of parents who understood what my wife and I were going through, it was so validating. The coaching calls were easy to join and participate in. I also got a lot out of the group chat getting support during the week and reading through the other parents’ questions.

We loved working with Thalia and highly recommend this program to other parents struggling with a picky eater. 

M. Salvestrin
(Mom of 6yo and 3yo)

My biggest struggles with my 6yo was her picky eating and refusal to try new foods. I tried many times to help her overcome her pickiness, often implementing tips and tricks I found online, but nothing was working for my family.

I was skeptical to trust “some lady on the internet” but I am so happy I took a leap of faith and joined Thalia’s program.

Having Thalia available to help troubleshoot mealtime obstacles as they come up each week has paid dividends in terms of reducing mealtime stress and helping my children to try new foods with less fear (and every so often, they even try new foods with enthusiasm 👏🏻).

I am very pleased with the results so far and I expect the food wins to continue well into the future as I am much more confident navigating mealtime dilemmas with my children.

There’s still some food refusal, but less so than at the start of the program. I expect to improve over time with the tools I’ve learned from Thalia as I didn’t expect to undo years of picky eating in 8 weeks.

Jen. L
(Mom of 4.5yo and 2yo)

When I reached out to Thalia for help with my 4.5yo we were struggling with persistent food refusal, a limited amount of safe foods, and I was stressed at meals!

My biggest hesitations signing up for the group was cost and my husband thought it was a scam… After messaging on Instagram with Thalia, I was confident the group was a good fit and we took the leap.

During the 8 weeks with Thalia, I’ve most enjoyed the coaching calls and I’m less anxious. My son is more tolerant of unreliable foods on his plate, he’s responded well to the new strategies, and he’s tried new food combinations. I’m feeling much more relaxed about the process of positive exposures to foods.

If your child a picky eater, avoids most food, and you’re stressed at mealtimes… This program will help! It’s opened the door for us to build a positive relationship with food and our child on this journey. The tools and mindset changes have helped guide our family through this process.

Haley G
(Mom of a 4yo)

I signed up to work with Thalia because I was so stressed by the constant food meltdowns and limited eating…I’m so glad I did!

After only 4 weeks, I’m much more confident and less stressed compared to 4 weeks ago when I was struggling to stick to mealtime boundaries, giving in to food demands, and wanting to ask my daughter to take more bites. Our mealtimes are already happier.

I can’t believe that after 8 weeks we’re no longer having meltdowns about food and the relationship I have with my 4yo is closer than before.

I absolutely recommend this program. The homework, accountability, and feedback in the chat are so helpful. The program does require an investment of your time and money, but it’s SO worth it! Thalia will open your mind and help you handle your mealtimes! This program will for sure help decrease your stress levels! 😊

Meridith Groom
(Mom of 3yo & 13yo)

Before working with Thalia, the biggest issues I had with my 3yo were that she was very picky and wouldn’t try new foods. 

I dreaded mealtimes and worried about her not getting enough nutrients. I’d often second-guess myself, give into demands, and let her eat whenever she wanted.

Throughout our time working together my daughter is eating more, open to trying different foods, I no longer feel like I’m floundering, AND my daughter and I have a more trusting relationship.

Thalia’s knowledge and experience with picky eating has helped to give my daughter and I strategies and language to use in helping her expand her eating. Using a proven framework/approach Thalia helped us inject curiosity and fun into our meals and guided us to solutions that work with our lives.

The periodic calls, ‘homework’ assignments, and ability to chat with Thalia via text, even between calls, are incredibly valuable.

Morgan Bauer
(Mom of 22mo)

This group has changed things for us and I highly recommend this program!

When I signed up, I dreaded mealtimes with my 22mo and worried about her nutrition. 

I was distracting her with TV, second-guessing myself at mealtimes, giving into her demands, getting flustered and frustrated, and didn’t know how to set boundaries around food. I had so much anxiety.

By halfway through the group program, I felt so much less stressed and anxious at mealtimes and much more in control. She’s eating more at meals, snacking less, and more willing to try foods.

6 weeks into the program and she’s exploring more foods, eating meatballs (which was one of our goal foods when we started the program), AND we’re all so much less stressed! 

I love the coaching calls and how Thalia sends personalized voice messages in the chat to answer questions during the week, so if you have a chance to join this program I highly recommend you do!

Katherine Dickinson

(Mom of 7, 5, & 3yo)

I’ve struggled with picky eaters for years. It has been a huge source of stress for our family with kids refusing to try new foods, having meltdowns when anything new was put on their plate, and obsessions with carbs and dessert.

Before joining Thalia’s small group program I’d followed her tips on Instagram but wasn’t getting the traction I needed to move forward. I was concerned the group wouldn’t change my situation.

Now, 6 weeks on, my anxiety has lessened, and I feel more confident in putting new foods on the plate. The weekly calls boosted my confidence, helped start each week with a positive outlook, and gave me different techniques to try (and they were successful!)

The small group kept me accountable and gave me a lot more confidence staying consistent and not giving up when I had a bad day or things didn’t work as planned.

I knew I needed help and was lacking motivation to keep trying. Thalia’s approach is getting our family back on track. Connecting with others in the group facing the same struggles was so reassuring. This group takes a commitment and work to see a shift in behaviors, but I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to sign up!

Jamie M

(Mom of 3yo)

Before Thalia’s program I didn’t think anything would work to get my son to even try veggies. His eating had narrowed down to a handful of specific favorite foods and he was no longer trying new things.

In such a short time after starting the program he’s open to trying food again and I feel more confident offering foods. We are all eating the same meals as a family, no more separate meals. In just the last few weeks he’s tried brown rice, carrot, broccoli, cooked tomatoes, and his first apple ever! 🤯

The coaching group is small with lots of support and SO many strategies. I also enjoyed the group chat as it fosters a sense of community with the other parents and Thalia answers questions between calls. Thalia is pretty amazing, she feels more like a friend.

Thalia’s guidance is not only for our children but for us! I learned some things I MYSELF needed to do in order for my child to feel comfortable to eat properly. She’s an expert in her field and I’m amazed at how quickly we got results! 10000% I would recommend her and her program!

Colleen H

(Mom of 4yo)

“Raising a picky eater is hard, emotional, and isolating. No one wants to go through this alone.

And that’s the biggest strength of Thalia’s small group program.

When you feel lost, there’s Thalia to point you in the right direction.

When you feel like you’re not making any headway, there’s Thalia to show you the progress you’ve made.

When you feel like a failure, there’s Thalia to cheer you on.

When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, there’s Thalia to cry and vent to.

You’re not alone. There’s a real-life person on the other end who’s ready to help.”

These were Colleen’s words at the conclusion of our 8 week program.

When Colleen signed up, she was concerned about the time commitment. She’d done other programs in the past, but they didn’t have the community and connection aspect, she felt even more isolated.

Colleen said “I needed the weekly check ins for accountability with the homework and mindset shifts…. This program was really helpful for me as the parent… I have tools to use”

Allie TF

(Mom of 8yo, 3yo, 10yo)

Before signing up to the small coaching group my biggest fears were the cost and that it wouldn’t work for my child. I’ve struggled with extreme picky eating for many years, my child has ARFID (the eating disorder of extreme picky eating.)

Major meltdowns at mealtimes and extreme picky eating were the main issues. Not only was my child eating a VERY limited variety of foods, she wasn’t eating much and struggling to gain weight. The high stress levels, refusal to try new foods, and difficulty eating “safe” food if they were prepared differently, was incredibly frustrating daily.

After finishing the 8 week program my daughter experiences “fewer meltdowns, more flexibility with combining foods, and lower stress when we follow Thalia’s plan.” Not only that, I know how to connect so much more as I’ve learned how to communicate better and work through those big feelings and anxiety when they come up.

My daughter’s tried several new food combinations, eaten food at multiple restaurants, and no longer needs a separate fork or spoon for each food item – she can successfully get through a meal with just one spoon or fork for all the foods… This may seem small, but when understand where this kiddo started, it’s pretty huge.