Dreading mealtimes is no way to live!
Enjoyable mealtimes are right around the corner. Start making changes at your very next meal 🥳

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What are parents saying about the courses? 👇

We thank you and appreciate your help so so so much, you changed my life as a mom. 
I'm no longer feeling helpless at mealtimes.
Knowing my roles as the parent took so much stress of my shoulders. I now trust her to make the decision when she is full and I'm not cringing every time she asks for more. This made such a difference in her total behavior. She's also stopped secretly eating.
This course changed my perspective about how I talk about food around my kids. The phrasing scripts helps me so much.
I definitely recommend this course to help you feel more in control and stop doubting yourself!

Nadia. A

Enrolling in this course is the best money I've ever spent! I highly recommend this course. I have a stubborn 2.5 year old. Meal times were a nightmare and I was getting so worried about her not eating properly. This course has really changed the way I behave at mealtimes and it has my little one sitting at the table, trying new foods, and telling me when she is full or finished. No more tears, fighting, and bargaining.
My husband had so many questions and doubts which Thalia answered in the Q&A video.

Robin. W - mom of 2.5yo

We've been implementing the no restrictions mentality and really changing the way we talk about food. Just finished both courses last night. My husband watched with me.
I love how simple all Thalia's advice is and how it’s actually helping in all aspects of communication with my oldest. When you emphasize the enormous importance of building trust it just all makes sense. Happy I found Thalia and excited to have tools to build trust with my littlest one from the very beginning. It’s amazing to see how my oldest adjusted so quickly as well. We still have work to do but we’re feeling really good!

Cadence J - mom of 6yo & 10mo