Feel confident parenting at the table, respectfully build trust at mealtimes, & foster a healthy relationship with food

Prevent and reverse picky eating without bribing, pressure, or stress

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Ages 0-2+
Prevent picky eating, confidently navigate starting solids, & learn how to positively and respectfully parent at the table right from baby’s first bite.
68 lessons + videos
15 handouts
Mini cook book
For parents who want to avoid picky eating, feel confident navigating baby & toddler mealtime behaviors, & start solids equipped with answers! For parents starting solids now or soon or have already started solids but having problems
Lifetime access go at your pace
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Ages 18m+
Shift your mindset, end mealtime stress for you and your child, confidently feed your picky eater, & expand their ‘safe’ foods without bribing or pressuring.
30 lessons + videos
8 handouts & mindset exercises
For parents with picky or problem eaters who want to set up positive mealtimes, respectful boundaries, and stop feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious at meals
Lifetime access, go at your pace
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Ages 0+
Stop stressing about ‘treats’! Shift your mindset, learn how confidently and positively navigate sweets so your child has a lifelong healthy relationship with food.
23 lessons + videos
3 handouts & mindset exercises
For parents who want to end the diet culture cycle & raise children with a healthy relationship with all foods.
Lifetime access, go at your pace
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Imagine feeling empowered, confident, and in control at mealtimes!

👋Hi! I’m Thalia the dietitian and I’m here to help you stop battling with your child when it comes to food.

These courses are to support parents like you enjoy your mealtimes without stress. Sound impossible? It’s NOT!
My unique approach will give you the tools and confidence you need to foster a healthy relationship with food in a respectful way.

Many other approaches claim to help with mealtime battles and picky eating but they aren’t hands-on and don’t focus on building trusting relationships. Parenting at mealtimes is often stressful because we don’t know how to effectively communicate with our child. This stress drives a wedge between us and our relationship with our child because we’re too busy focusing on “getting” them to eat, rather than working together. The strategies and mindset shifts in these course are what get results for my one on one clients.

My method is flexible, practical for everyday life, and most importantly it’s rooted in kindness and respect to nurture not only a healthy relationship with food – but also a strong parent-child bond based on trust. You won’t need to spend hours cutting fancy shapes or decorating plates, you’re busy enough! I’ll help you simplify and get real results.