Start feeling confident, build trust, & foster a healthy relationship with all foods

Stop stressing at mealtimes so they can be enjoyable again!

Imagine feeling empowered and in control at mealtimes!

Hi! I’m Thalia the dietitian and I’m here to help you stop battling with your child when it comes to food.

When I talk to parents, many of them tell me how mealtimes are a battle and meltdown zone. Whether i’ts begging and bribing your kids to eat, being frustrated when they don’t try something, or throw their food overboard. That is a downright difficult situation to navigate and no one prepares us for just how hard it is!

If you’re ready to stop bribing, worrying, stressing, and being frustrated or annoyed at meals… I can’t wait to help you!

We thank you and appreciate your help so so so much, you changed my life as a mom🙏

Nadia. A

My new course to help you make mealtimes less stressful, more successful, and more enjoyable for everyone.

This course will give you the secrets to:

  • Parenting at mealtimes so that you feel confident and in control knowing how to handle situations like food throwing and tantrums
  • Give you the nutrition know-how so you can create your own nutritious, fuss-free mini meal snacks”
  • Knowing when and how to give seconds (what to say and not to say)
  • Creating a stress-free mealtime schedule, so your kids are actually hungry when it’s time to eat
  • Getting your spouse on board with a new approach instead of coaxing your kids to “take one more bite”
  • Easy food exposures that get your child involved & help your picky eater try new foods
  • And so much more


Heather V – Mom of 2
This course is so empowering! I have 2 kids, a 5 year old and 2 year old, who love their sweets. I have struggled with deciding how I want to approach the excessive amounts of candy that will accompany the coming holidays. Thalia does a wonderful job addressing these concerns and giving real tools for me to use as a parent in these situations. The responses handout that comes with the course is GOLD; I have it up on my phone’s browser and have already found myself referencing it. My kids currently have a bag of treats from a birthday party so tonight they got a piece of candy with their dinner and I was shocked when my two year old’s first bite was of broccoli, not candy! The best part is that now after going through Thalia’s course, I have the CONFIDENCE to make some changes in my household. Thank you Thalia!

Robyn W – Mom of a 2 year old
Enrolling in this course is the best money I’ve ever spent! I highly recommend this course. I have a stubborn 2.5 year old. Meal times were a nightmare and I was getting so worried about her not eating properly. This course has really changed the way I behave at mealtimes and it has my little one sitting at the table, trying new foods, and telling me when she is full or finished. No more tears, fighting, and bargaining.
My husband had so many questions and doubts which Thalia answered in the Q&A video.
The best part is being a part of the online Facebook community afterwards. Thalia is always happy to answer any questions you have!

Jessica H – Mom of a 4 and 1.5 year old
I have two kids, 4 and 1.5 years old. It’s only been a couple of days so far but just the DoR has been a huge game changer. It took stress away from me and I feel like my daughter as well. Mealtimes have already been a more positive experience and I feel like she’s eaten more than she would’ve previously.

Andrea DTL – Mom of 2
One of my biggest worries as a mom of 2 boys is nutrition. How do I feed them what they need to grow but also, more importantly, how do I equip them so that they will learn to feed themselves and be healthy? I haven’t had a healthy relationship with food so I really want to help my sons have one.  I LOVED this course because it gives me straightforward tools to do just that.
The videos are short and to the point, the resources invaluable. Thalia gives specific phrases to use when kiddos try to challenge our food choices, and the best ways to respond to them to avoid unnecessary struggles.
I can’t stop recommending this course to all my mom friends!

Emma J – Mom of 2
Decided to give Thalia’s DoR a go because mealtimes were becoming so stressful with us practically begging my son to eat and ‘three more bites then you can have dessert’ etc. Serving dessert with dinner has had an amazing effect already – it was such an event before, now if I miss it off his plate he doesn’t even notice! Also letting him decide how much to eat, no nagging, so much less stress!

Liesel T – Mom of 2.5 year old
After taking Thalia’s first course and having the success I did with my son, I was really excited to take this second course! My son loves sugar (as do many hah!), and so I wanted to get a good grasp on how to handle candy better with him. He is 2 1/2 and we are nearing Halloween, and I was honestly DREADING having all this candy around that I knew he would be obsessed over! After taking this course, it all makes sense and I am so much more calm about how to tackle everything! Thank you Thalia once again for creating such a refreshing course!