End mealtime stress & confidently feed your picky eater, without bribing or pressure

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Imagine feeling confident and in control at mealtimes, even when your child screams and yells “nooo mama, I don’t want that” or “yuck, I don’t like green beans.”

If you’re like most of the parents I speak to, you’re doing your very best to deal with difficult feeding situations everyday… that’s a lot of difficult situations given children seem to eat 100 times a day. You just want to sit down as a family and have an enjoyable meal where there’s less screaming, bribing, and stress.

You find yourself questioning and doubting your every move… “they won’t eat their dinner, should I just give in and give them the food they want?” Or “they’re not eating their veggies, I’ll bribe them but I know I shouldn’t” or “I get so frustrated and angry at mealtimes, I’m ready to give up.” Maybe you see yourself making some headway with your picky eater, but wish you had a few more strategies and tools to get back on the right track.

You’re in the right place if:

  • Mealtimes are a major source of stress and you want them to be a source of enjoyment
  • Your child is a picky eater
  • You need help with a meal schedule/routine
  • Your child grazes on snack foods all day or resists trying new foods
  • You want strategies and tips to implement to help your child get comfortable around foods
  • You want to know more about nutrition and how to build a balanced plate

I know all this can seem so overwhelming. You’re probably exhausted already from all the other things you’re doing because mothers take on so much.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Mealtime can be enjoyable and peaceful. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than helping families stress less about food and enjoy their meals together. I’ve helped hundreds of parents through their mealtime and picky eater concerns, and I’m excited to share the Mealtimes Without Meltdowns course with you. It’ll help reframe your mindset, give you the tools, tips, strategies, and confidence you need to push through these difficulties and reach your goals of enjoyable, less stressful mealtimes.

Hi! I’m Thalia the dietitian and mother of two little ones.

I created Mealtimes Without Meltdowns to support parents who are struggling with mealtime battles, picky eating, and mealtime stress. My unique approach will give you the tools and confidence you need to foster a healthy relationship with food in a respectful way.

What I’ve seen in many other approaches that claim to help with mealtime battles and picky eating is they aren’t hands-on and don’t have a focus on building trusting relationships. Parenting at mealtimes is often stressful, and this stress drives a wedge between us and our relationship with our child because we’re too busy focusing on “getting” them to do something, rather than working together.

My method is flexible, practical for everyday life, and most importantly it’s rooted in kindness and respect to nurture not only a healthy relationship with food – but also a strong parent-child bond based on trust. You won’t need to spend hours cutting fancy shapes or decorating plates, you’re busy enough! I’ll help you simplify and get real results.

Mealtimes Without Meltdowns is an online course that you can take during nap time on any smart device (think easy access right on your phone!)

More about the course:

  • In my course I’ll take you through short video lessons that answer your concerns and questions about mealtime meltdowns, picky eating, and stressful mealtimes so you can finally have a calm, stress-free family meal!
    • I’ve designed this course specifically for you, busy mama! The modules are short and fluff-free because I want you to start and finish! You’ll be empowered to implement what you learn and see results! I’m right there by your side in the lessons, talking to you face to face and cheering you on.
  • In this course I’ll share:
    • My method and how you can put it into practice at your very next meal
    • Top tips to handle snacks, build a balanced plate, and some foundation nutrition info
    • My secrets to making mealtimes less stressful (and how you can achieve that right now!)
    • My top tips, secrets, and activities to help your little one (or picky eater) get comfortable with new or ‘disliked’ foods
    • Strategies that work when your child doesn’t eat and then wants a snack
    • Troubleshooting with your spouse
    • Powerful actions you can take right away to feel less stressed and frustrated at your next meal together

Plus a BONUS module:

  • Dealing with family members!
    • By popular demand, this module will help you assess your family’s role in feeding and communicate your new mealtime approach with them

Plus FRIDGE-FRIENDLY handouts: including:

  • The Mini Meal Mindset Snack Guide so you never run out of nutritious snacks
  • Food lists – think high-iron foods
  • Comprehensive picky eater strategy activities – help your kiddo get comfortable with new or ‘disliked’ foods
  • The ultimate phrase guide so you’re never caught off-guard at meals

What’s in the course


Mealtime Roles pt 1 – basics

Mealtimes Roles pt 2 – exceptions

Reflection activity (mindset work)

Catch your comments handout activity

Picky eating & how to avoid it

Useful Phrase Guide

Sugars and sweeteners

Meltdowns and food demands 😱 (respectfully)

Food throwing & beyond: toddler edition

Why the Mini Meal Mindset?

Handout: Ultimate Mini Meal Mindset Snack Guide

Handout: Food group info

Handout: High iron and high energy foods list

Handout: Common choking hazards

Reducing crinkly bags snacks

Snack FAQ – troubleshooting and frequently asked Qs

Delaying gratification – coz you need to eat too

Additional resources

FAQ: Why can’t they eat any time they’re hungry?

Boredom eating


Common objections and questions

Spouse worksheet for troubleshooting (mindset exercise)

Schedules, what about when kids are sick and teething?

Handout: Example schedule and build your own

Extra info

Get in the right mindset and headspace for success

Crying and screaming (how to manage it respectfully without losing your cool)

Additional reading

Download the comprehensive phrase guide (what to say and what not to say)

Getting started – Unlock your positive power

Fridge-friendly picky eater strategies and activities

How and why to stop

How to assess and decide the best way to move forward

Catch your comments

Choking hazards

Food Group basics

The Ultimate Mini Meal Mindset Guide


Phrase guide

Picky eater strategies

Schedule Handout

Spouse worksheet

Note for school teachers

Food Play Handout

List of travel snacks

Popsicle smoothie handout

Ultimate (school) Lunch Guide

Testimonials & FAQs

As featured in Scary Mommy: https://www.scarymommy.com/started-giving-kid-dessert-every-meal/

Who is this course for?

  • Parents or caregivers involved in providing meals
    • Whether your child is ‘picky’ or not, this course is for you if you’re stressed, worried, or battling at mealtimes
  • A parent/caregiver feeling lost, hopeless, or concerned about their child’s eating behavior
  • A parent who’s tried everything, read everything, and mealtimes are still not working
  • A parent who wants to try a new method that’s respectful, collaborative, still authoritative, and gets results
  • Parents-to-be who want to be fully equipped early to prevent power struggles at mealtimes

Who is this course not for?

  • Parents who aren’t ready to make a change and try a new mealtimes approach
  • Parents who aren’t committed to being consistent with changes
  • Parents who aren’t all in and ready to see results


It’s short and fluff free – I’ve designed the course so that you can do it during nap time. My goal is that you, a busy mom/parent not only starts it… but actually finishes it! I’m right there by your side in the lessons, engaging and talking to you face to face, not through an impersonal voice over with dull slides.

Yes. Here are a few things to consider:

– Children tend to go through a ‘picky’ phase where they assert their autonomy between 12-18 months, that’s when parents can get stuck in bad habits that increase pickiness

– If your child hasn’t hit that point yet, the course gives you all the strategies to avoid making it worse when it happens, AND supports you enjoying mealtimes without any pressure, bribery, or stress

Yes, and yes! You can go back and watch any video at any time. The course is yours and access doesn’t expire. As long as you’re logged in, you can watch on any smart device (chrome is recommended)

Taking the course when your child is a baby is a wonderful time to learn about all the things to avoid! An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure (and all the stress that comes with it!) Mothers with older children have taken the course and found it valuable (see Q5)

It’s never too late to implement positive changes and ditch old habits that don’t work. If your child is older, the principles in this course still apply! I’ve had parents implement these strategies with children up to 8 years old and they’ve found tremendous value and see fantastic results

Katrina Pfister – Mom of 4.5 yo

Holy Moly! Thalia’s Mealtimes Without Meltdowns course completely changed me and my husband’s perception of parenting at the table. Our mealtimes are finally enjoyable for the first time in a long time!

Before taking the course, I was always stressed about meals, there was a lot of conflict, and I was so trigged by food refusal that I’d yell and sometimes it was me having the emotional meltdown! Dinner battles and picky eating were seriously impacting my mental health and dinner was a negative experience for my whole family.

Some of our improvements were obvious: my son is much more flexible with food, he no longer asks for food right after a meal, and he’s tried many new foods including a hamburger with lettuce, cheese, beef, and tomatoes – I was BLOWN AWAY! We’re also enjoying our meals again! My husband adapted the positive changes too, managing our son’s plate is no longer the focus.

The phrase guide is so helpful for shifting to positive communication and holding boundaries, and the mini meal snack guide got me out of the snack rut. This course assists in positive changes like building trust between parent and child which takes time, but it’s also felt like a magic bullet because the lessons are so practical and easy to apply right away! I cannot express enough how much this course has helped me, highly recommend!

Maria Gonzalez

Before implementing the strategies in Mealtimes Without Meltdowns, every mealtime was super anxiety driven and I found myself dreading the days and was constantly concerned my son wasn’t eating enough or eating from all the food groups. It got to a point where my son wouldn’t eat any grains or veggies. I was so burnt out.

Now I’m confident in what everyone’s Mealtime Roles are at the dinner table AND it’s alleviated so much anxiety.  And guess what?! My son tries veggies on his own and is eating grains again – this is huge! I have Thalia and her course to thank!

If you’re wavering about taking this course – don’t!  Please do it sooner not later, so you can shift your mindset and behaviors. Thalia breaks this down simply and introduces strategies to implement TODAY. 

Sinead D – Mom of 18mo

We were stressing that our 18mo wasn’t eating enough. She was eating all the sweet options but not the ‘main’ meal. We felt demoralized.
Now we know what to say (and not say) at meals.
She’s trying more foods and eating more.
Mealtimes are less stressful & we’re not getting worked up.
🎉We’re much more confident now!!

Robyn W – Mom of a 2 year old

Enrolling in this course is the best money I’ve ever spent! I highly recommend this course. I have a stubborn 2.5 year old. Mealtimes were a nightmare and I was getting so worried about her not eating properly. This course has really changed the way I behave at mealtimes and it has my little one sitting at the table, trying new foods, and telling me when she is full or finished. No more tears, fighting, and bargaining.
My husband had so many questions and doubts which Thalia answered in the Q&A video.

Jaime B – Mom of 2 year old

Thalia’s course has seriously helped my family so much!! My 2 yo is now eating mixed food meals (broccoli and pasta with alfredo sauce) with fruits, veggies, and a cookie (which she may or may not eat.) Such a huge change for us vs 5 months ago before finding Thalia and this course.

Jessica H – Mom of a 4 and 1.5 year old

I have two kids, 4 and 1.5 years old. It’s only been a couple of days so far but just the DoR has been a huge game changer. It took stress away from me and I feel like my daughter as well. Mealtimes have already been a more positive experience and I feel like she’s eaten more than she would’ve previously.
Update: My daughter has never wanted me to put sauce on her noodles when we have spaghetti and she didn’t want to even touch spinach. By offering it on the side by itself, the meal without it, and then also mixed in with the meal, and letting her do her part of the DoR, she now eats and likes both sauce and spinach! The other day she specifically asked me to put spinach on her plate! 🤯🥰 and she munched it down just plain all on its own!

Andrea DTL – Mom of 2

One of my biggest worries as a mom of 2 boys is nutrition. How do I feed them what they need to grow but also, more importantly, how do I equip them so that they will learn to feed themselves and be healthy? I haven’t had a healthy relationship with food so I really want to help my sons have one.  I LOVED this course because it gives me straightforward tools to do just that.
The videos are short and to the point, the resources invaluable. Thalia gives specific phrases to use when kiddos try to challenge our food choices, and the best ways to respond to them to avoid unnecessary struggles.
I can’t stop recommending this course to all my mom friends!

Emma J – Mom of 2

Decided to give Thalia’s DoR a go because mealtimes were becoming so stressful with us practically begging my son to eat and ‘three more bites then you can have dessert’ etc. Serving dessert with dinner has had an amazing effect already – it was such an event before, now if I miss it off his plate he doesn’t even notice! Also letting him decide how much to eat, no nagging, so much less stress!

Rachel L – Mom of 5

We’ve been applying Thalia’s method with our 7, 4, and 2yo for over a year now and in the last couple months it’s really started paying off. At times I thought it wasn’t working but I kept going because I didn’t know what else to do.
I started seeing little wins and while we still have a ways to go it is so much better now!
2yo wouldn’t touch meat. Tonight she had four helpings plus two helpings of pasta and didn’t even finish her Christmas cookie!
4yo is now eating peas and other vegetables!
7yo is still on the fence but doing better, especially when she helps make the meal.
So if you think it’s not working give it more time. If you’re like me it’s been years in the making so it makes sense that it would take some time to undo that.

Kristi M – Mom of 2

I just took the course a few hours ago. I’ve started implementing some of the suggested responses to requests for treats and my son has already done well!

Elia L – Mom of 1

My kiddo is 19 months old. We started to serve small ‘treats’ with his dinner which has totally prevented the battle of him pointing at the pantry and refusing to eat his food on the plate during dinner time.
He has totally managed to eat a healthy portion of all food groups that are being offered now.
No more added pressure from dad or I. Man… this seems to have been a game changer!

Jessica A – Mom of a 2.5 year old

I have a 2.5 yr old and we started the DOR a few days ago. I’m blown away that she’s not asking me for snacks all the time and instead sitting down to eat her meals!!!
Update: It’s been going super well since we switched to this method a week ago! Mealtime is so much less stressful! Today she asked for more chickpeas and yesterday it was more cucumber instead of more crackers/fruit!!!!

Are you ready to take control, feel confident, and try a new stress-free method that works? I hope so! Let’s get started, I’ll see on you the inside of the course.


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