What if you could prevent picky eating from the very first bite?

Starting solids is such an exciting time. You’ve probably already purchased some bibs, recipe books, and plates and you can’t wait to capture the cute expressions your little one makes when they take their first bite. Here’s what you might not know…preventing picky eating has very little to do with the food you serve and everything to do with HOW you serve it.

The way you respond when your child makes a disgusted face. The words you use when they refuse a food for the first time or throw food. Everything you do now sets the tone for your (and their) feeding and eating journey.

That’s why I created Fuss-Free First Foods, to set you up for long term feeding success!

Every day I get asked about babies starting solids: 

⭐ Should I try baby-led weaning or stick to purees?
⭐ Can I prevent picky eating? (spoiler: with the right tools and mindset, YES YOU CAN!)
⭐ My baby won’t eat! I’ve been at this for a month or two, why isn’t my baby eating?
⭐ My doctor said to start solids at 4 months… But I’ve read to wait till 6 months!?
⭐ Does the feeding method I choose impact picky eating? I want my baby to be adventurous.
⭐ I’m worried about choking, what can I do to help my baby and myself?
⭐ What’s the correct ‘portion size’ for baby and what times of day should I feed meals?
⭐ My baby throws food, should I let them? I really want them to stop!
⭐ My baby screams when I put them in the highchair… How do I get them to sit?

Maybe you’ve even started googling some of these things. Only problem is there’s a ton of confusing and conflicting information out there and you’re not even sure what’s credible.

Let me save you some time. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying quality time with your little one instead of frantically searching Google for answers? As a paediatric dietitian with a specialty in picky eating and mealtime dynamics, who’s also a mom of 2 little ones, I’ve done all the research for you and put all my expertise into Fuss-Free First Foods.

Is this course for you? Are you…

✅ Pregnant/starting solids and want to be prepared, confident, and equipped to prevent common feeding problems?
✅ A parent who wants to feel confident feeding your baby using gentle and respectful parenting at the table techniques?
✅ Having feeding issues? e.g.; my baby’s not eating!
✅ Looking to prepare healthy baby food and snacks?
✅ A first or fifth time parent…? Every child is different and has different challenges when it comes to food

You’re a loving, caring, parent who wants the best for your child and family. Ideally that means your kiddo is adventurous (not picky), sits and eats happily at the table and eats their fruit and veg. Let’s not forget this journey is about you too, and you wanna be confident, relaxed, and enjoy mealtimes too!

Guess what? All of this IS possible and it starts NOW. The way you respond at mealtimes has a huge impact and knowing how to confidently parent at the table and respond when questions come up means PREVENTING months or years of mealtime battles, unnecessary frustration and anxiety (for both you and your child), and an ongoing poor feeding relationship. Bottom line: PREVENTION and CONFIDENCE now means happier mealtimes, less stress, and a positive food relationship from here on out.

Almost all my clients have said “I wish I’d known this when Harry was a baby, it would’ve made all the difference” at some point… So, I’ve taken all the questions I get from parents and clients, plus the methods I use to help them, and put them into this course so you can get started on the right foot!

If you’re thinking… “this is too expensive for me”, think about all the things you use every day that make your parent life easier and better (comfy nursing bras, quiet breast pump, high quality high chair, velcro swaddles, baby monitor, swings…) They all make your life easier, and that’s great!

Parenting at the table is hard and brings up so many questions that create anxiety for new parents – you already know that!

⭐Did you know 1 out of 4 children have problems eating?! (picky eating included) My clients didn’t know how to get through the picky eating ‘phase’. They got stuck and spent years dreading frustrating mealtimes that negatively impacted their parent/child relationship. Guess what…? Years later, they’re investing a lot of time, energy, and money into fixing problems that didn’t need to spiral out of control.

Investing in the tools to positively parent at the table AND prevent picky eating using my philosophy NOW means less frustration and anxiety later – not to mention the toll it takes on your parent/child relationship

What’s in the course

Babies 0-12 Months

Is food before 1 just for fun?

What are the Mealtime Roles ™?

No pressure or praise

Mealtime Roles™ exceptions

Mindset for responsive feeding

The “best” way

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) myths

By 9-11 months

Benefits of BLW-style feeding

Pureed, ‘hidden’, food exposures

Here’s why to allow the mess

Hacks to manage the mess w less stress

6 months: Starting with 1-2 ‘meals’

7-8 months

9 months

9-12 months

How long should meals be?

Before vs after meals + schedule/milk simplified overview handout

Differences between babies & How much is too much milk?

Set yourself up for success with these principles

But first: expectations, reflections & textures

Gas, constipation & tips to get you through it!

No teeth? No problem

Sodium and sugars (added sugars & how to avoid them)

Allergies, Palmar/Pincer Grasp, how to prep foods (🛑HANDOUTS)

Choking vs gagging – a must watch to stay calm

Let’s talk food, spice, and flavor

Fussy baby hacks & funny faces while eating

The importance of repeated exposures… How to & how many?!

What about when they refuse to eat?!

Baby sign language 🤘 & prevent the “all done” game (Handout included)

TemPLATE (template for building a successful plate) + handouts: food list, plate template guide, baby-friendly recipes


Clamps mouth shut

Doesn’t want to sit in highchair

Pocketing food in mouth

Shoving food in mouth (choking?!)

Food throwing/dropping

Boundaries when baby wants more/baby wants your food

Intro to high chairs

The importance of posture

90/90/90 positioning

Highchair straps/seatbelt

The best and essential kitchen

Keep it simple

Alternative ‘milks’ (soy, oat, pea)

Transitioning from bottle to cup

Skip the sippy – do this instead

Transitioning off milk (bottle) before bed

Pouches: Deep dive

Puffs: Deep dive

Rethink snacks with the Mini Meal Mindset™ (Includes Snack Guide handout)

How to build a successful & nourishing snack (includes template handout)

Intro to brushing

Getting started

How to make it FUN

Talking to your baby (how to), fun, mindset, & more

Keep your successful momentum moving forward

Handout index – no need to search!

PLUS these handouts:

✅ TemPLATE guide (how to build a balanced plate)
✅ Comprehensive respectful phrase guide (scripts to use, phrases to avoid for peaceful meals)
✅ Strategies to increase positive food exposures (prevent/reverse picky eating)
✅ Common possible choking hazards (not on the official choking hazards list)
✅ Baby-friendly, high-nutrient mini recipe book (and less mess hacks)
✅ Foods to avoid list
✅ Food lists: iron, vitamin C, zinc, energy
✅ The ULTIMATE Mini Meal Mindset snack guide (baby edition)
✅ Meal and milk schedule overview 6-12months
✅ Understanding sugars
✅ Introduction schedule (What’s the guidance for the order of introducing foods?)
✅ Baby sign language basics
✅ Allergies 101
✅ Choking hazards
✅ A guide to baby grasps under 12mo


With the tools in this course you’ll feel empowered to introduce foods confidently and parent at the table using respectful strategies and techniques that work. No course or product can promise a child won’t have picky tendencies. What this course can do is prepare you for how to manage a child who is pickier and prevent it becoming a downward spiral.

The Mealtimes Without Meltdowns methodology is covered in Fuss-Free First foods. If you’re struggling with solids, have questions about how to start solids, feeding baby, prevent picky eating, or about baby behaviors – Fuss-Free First Foods is the course you need. If your kiddo is ~18 months or older, progressed well with solids but is now becoming picky, Mealtimes Without Meltdowns is the course for you.

This course is best for parents of babies 0-12 months. If your baby has progressed well with foods and is having behavioral problems like picky eating or you’re stressed about mealtime battles and tantrums, you’re better suited to my Mealtimes without Meltdowns course which is for kiddos over 1yo.

Yes, and yes! You can go back and watch any video at any time. The course is yours and access doesn’t expire. As long as you’re logged in, you can watch on any smart device (Chrome is recommended)

This course is extremely comprehensive, it’s broken down into short, easy to watch videos so even if you only have 5 minutes, you can still make progress. You don’t have to watch the videos in order; however it’s organized in a way that best guides you through starting solids from the start and through the stages. All up the course is about 2 hours as it’s comprehensive and answers all the questions parents have so you feel confident and empowered!

So many parents start solids and aren’t sure what they’re doing, or things go well for a month or two but then baby isn’t advancing as they should. Yes, this course will get you back on track, help YOU relax, and help your baby develop a positive relationship with food and eating.

If you’re like a lot of the parents I speak to, your doctor may have told you to start solids or give rice milk in a bottle to help baby sleep. The answer is two-fold, most doctors/pediatricians aren’t experts when it comes to feeding children. This course equips you with the right questions and information to advocate for your baby at the doctor’s office. Secondly, there’s more to baby sleep than solid foods, food is one component that you’ll be confident handling after completing this course.

This course is extremely comprehensive and it covers both! This course is designed to guide you through the principles of responsive feeding and how you can do it with either method or a combination of both. As a mother who suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety, I’m here to support you on this journey whether you’ve chosen your feeding method already, or you’re still figuring things out.

Simple answer: yes. I’ve helped clients all over the world with mealtime behaviors like food throwing, child/baby not wanting to sit in their highchair, food anxiety and more. My methods are respectful for both parents and child, and they promote a positive parent/child relationship.

Yes! We’ll do a deep dive in the module about snacks including the pros and cons, how to use them effectively, and what to look for on the label.

Sure you can… And you probably already have. But you’re here with more questions. Let me ask you, how long do you want to spend googling, scrolling through blog posts, and then still wondering if it’s credible information? The alternative is having all the information in one place PLUS created for you by a credentialed dietitian (so yes, everything is researched and broken down for you.) It’s a no-brainer so you have the confidence and answers you want!

Fuss-Free First Foods is an incredibly comprehensive and action-oriented course so you have all the practical tools and skills you need to confidently start and progress through solid foods safely. You’ll walk away knowing HOW to respectfully, playfully, and successfully communicate and parent at the table even when the inevitable difficult behaviors arise like refusing a meal or not wanting to sit in their high chair. You’ll have a complete toolbox of effective and credible strategies at your fingertips broken down into ages and stages so you can enjoy your mealtimes now and in the future without anxiety or frustration. You’ll be equipped with the most important skill of all: how to PREVENT and manage stressful behaviors like picky eating and food throwing before they become habits and problems so you can enjoy meals with your family, be confident, calm, and unflappable on your parenting at the table journey.

If you’re still reading, take a second to compare this cost… the cost of preventing these behaviors from the beginning using the tools in FFFF, VS working with me one on one 2 or 3 years down the road after you’ve struggled with picky eating, anxiety about your child’s nutrition, and mealtimes that leave you deflated and defeated (yep, that’s how a lot of parents describe mealtimes with picky toddlers and older kids.) No only does it take 6+ months to truly reverse picky eating (which costs thousands of dollars and a lot of time), think of all your precious time during these years feeling frustrated, anxious, and dreading mealtimes… plus the toll it takes on your parent/child relationship. All of these negatively impact your mental health, something that’s priceless.

Prevention is the strongest tool in your arsenal against picky eating, stressful mealtimes, and frustrating mealtime behaviors. Use tools that get results to start making positive changes at your very next meal.

Yes! It’s a wonderful baby gift that many parents won’t buy for themselves. You can also upgrade and buy the full course bundle of 3 courses which gives parents access to the the tools they’ll need for children 12 months + AND ⭐when you buy this bundle you’ll get access to my “BONUS VIDEO VAULT” for bundle customers with 40 minutes of extra videos!⭐

Simply tap the button below and register your account using your email. You’ll see “if this order a gift?” Select “yes” and continue.

Reviews & Testimonials

mom of 6mo

Fuss-Free First Foods gave me the confidence to start giving my baby food without thinking much about it and to stay relaxed so I could enjoy this special time together. Implementing what I learned from the course was very easy (10/10), as the information was clear and actionable.

I loved how the course was broken down into short videos with bullets included. The respectful parenting and mindset shifts were incredibly valuable, as was the verbiage about what to say and setting up boundaries. All that in combination with the Mealtime Roles meant I was confident now, and moving forward to make this feeding journey successful and peaceful.

Fuss-Free First Foods isn’t cheap, but having accurate information, feeling confident about starting solids from a nutritional and parenting standpoint, and knowing how to get ahead of picky eating makes it so worth it. The course covers all the topics you need to get started (even brushing teeth). I’m really glad I took the course and have this knowledge, so I feel confident in my role on this journey.

mom of 19mo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fuss-Free First Foods completely shifted my mindset and changed my approach to parenting at mealtimes! I learned so many game-changing techniques to communicate more effectively with my child, set them up for success using Thalia’s Mini Meal Mindset, and remove all forms of pressure (including ones I hadn’t even thought of).

Before starting solids my biggest concerns were choking hazards, wondering whether purees or BLW was better for my child, quantity of food to offer, how and what would provide the most nutrients, when and how would breast milk and then cow’s milk come into play? All my questions and more were answered…I soooo wish I was introduced to this course before my son turned 6 months, it would have alleviated sooo much of my anxiety.

What I loved most about Fuss-Free First Foods were Thalia’s real-life examples with Elmo (pretend baby.) that were super easy to digest. On a scale from 1-10, Thalia’s strategies are a 10/10 for ease of applying them with my 19mo. I can go back and rewatch any of the in-depth videos because I have lifetime access, PLUS the handouts are so valuable! I can easily print out and refer to them when I’m in a pinch, or when I’m dealing with a crazy little one!

My son is 19mo now, the 12-24mo module was REALLY helpful! But plenty of the lessons from the 0-12mo section were too: mealtime roles, snacks and behaviors sections, I got SOOOO much from them and plan to implement changes asap!

I would absolutely recommend Fuss-Free First Foods to my friends and tell them that they NEED to take this course because all their questions/concerns/anxieties about feeding their baby or toddler will be addressed. I’d also tell them that instead of wasting their time googling all their questions, ALL those questions are answered in this one-stop shop of a program! The FFFF course is SUPER in depth making it well-worth the investment. Lastly, I would tell my friends to put this course on their baby registry – it’s soooo worth it! Man, Thalia, I wish this was available when my son was 4-6 months, it would have saved me soooo much time googling, so many tears, so many minutes/hours filled with such anxiety. 

mom of
1mo & 4 yo

Before Fuss-Free First Foods I wasn’t sure how to introduce solids. Now I’m very confident knowing what and how to feed my baby, I know exactly what my Mealtime Roles are at the table, and how to set up successful, pressure-free meals so I can relax and enjoy my baby without googling everything like I did with my first baby.

I loved how short and easy to watch the videos are. Thalia’s strategies are very easy to implement and understand (10/10), they cut through the confusing information online about how to start solids. The handouts are so helpful for easy reference! Fuss-Free First Foods also helped me shift my mindset and adopt better mealtime communication with my baby.

My concern was cost, but the value is totally there. Fuss-Free First Foods is very comprehensive both nutritionally and from a mealtime behavior perspective. The module about navigating milk and foods was helpful! The course answers questions new parents have about solids and beyond all the way to toddlerhood. The handouts add a lot of value. It’s wonderful feeling so confident navigating this area of parenting!


Fuss-Free First Foods has taken away all the pressure on my shoulders as a parent to make my child eat.  It’s helped me understand my true mealtime roles and how to successfully parent at the table.  What a game changer for my family.

Before the Fuss-Free First Foods course, I found it very difficult not to pressure my child to eat because it’s so ingrained in how we behave towards children.   Now after taking this course, I’ve successfully shifted my mindset and behavior. Thalia’s focus on respect for both the child and parent helped me confidently set kind, but firm boundaries.   No more coaxing or pressuring! I’m confident in trusting my kids and myself.

I would absolutely recommend this course because Thalia teaches strategies that are very easy to implement into my busy mom-filled life all the while being confident in starting solids and building trust with the child.