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Knives… If you want to do anything in your kitchen, you need a good set of knives. Not an amazing set. But this set we’ve had for over 5 years and they still work really well! Would definitely recommend. I’ve included the 3 piece and 8 piece set. I have the 8 piece and LOVE it.

Cutting Boards!

Cutting boards… Yes, sure you can get the really cheap ones at Walmart, and that’s what we did for a long time. But I got sick of throwing them out after a year or two. I bought a set of these Epicurean boards. They are awesome! They’re a green and sustainable product made in the US. They’re gentle on knives. My husband almost killed me when I bought them, but now loves them. Highly recommend.

Baking Stuff!

These silicone muffin/cupcake liners are great, I’ve used them for sweet and savory cooking. You don’t have to grease them and whatever you’re cooking releases easily.

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