Hey mama! I’m working on a new course to help you make mealtimes less stressful, more successful, and more enjoyable for everyone.

This course will give you the secrets to:

  • Parenting at mealtimes so that you feel confident and in control knowing how to handle situations like food throwing and tantrums
  • Give you the nutrition know-how so you can create your own nutritious, fuss-free mini meal snacks”
  • Knowing when and how to give seconds (what to say and not to say)
  • Creating a stress-free mealtime schedule, so your kids are actually hungry when it’s time to eat
  • Getting your spouse on board with a new approach instead of coaxing your kids to “take one more bite”
  • Easy food exposures that get your child involved & help your picky eater try new foods
  • And so much more