Hi, I’m Thalia the dietitian!

Imagine what it would be like to have a nice family dinner where no one needs to bribe your child to eat, they eat the meal you’ve prepared without screaming “yuck!” or throwing food on the floor, and you don’t have to get up 50 times to cater to every request.

Maybe that sounds impossible right now? If you’re anything like most of the parents I speak to, navigating mealtimes, major meltdowns, picky eating, and “junk” foods are a struggle. All you want is for your kids to eat their healthy “growing food”, but it feels like the more you push veggies and other healthy foods the more your child pushes back.

You wish you knew what to say and how to respond when they scream “that’s yucky” or “noooo, mama, don’t give me that!” It’s so easy for this to trigger feelings of frustration, even anger. As parents, we spend so much time worrying about our child’s nutrition and wellbeing and it feels they’re working against us.

I’ve got news for you… It’s entirely possible to have that peaceful family meal without pressure, bribing, or feeling totally stressed out.

I’ve helped 100s of parents feel more confident and in control at mealtimes, so I know this can be your reality too. Whether you want to simply feel less frustrated at mealtimes, improve your child’s relationship with food (including dessert and “junk” food), or help your child have a wider variety of foods in their diet – I can help!

How am I different from other dietitians?

My unique approach to parenting at mealtimes uses elements of the “division of responsibility”, but goes even further when it comes to restricting (or not restricting) foods like dessert. My method gets parents the results they want – a child with a healthy relationship with food and not obsessing over dessert or “junk” food. I help you discover the positive power YOU have to help your picky eater or your child who’s prone to mealtime meltdowns. I believe approaching these situations from a place of respect, curiosity, and understanding is what helps parents achieve their desired results. I help you get inside your child’s mind so you can connect with them and work together towards your end goal.

I understand how stressful and overwhelming feeding your child can be and how all-consuming it can feel. I myself struggled (still do) with postpartum depression and anxiety. I know how desperation and hopelessness feels and I want to help other mothers decrease their stress at mealtimes too.

One of the ways I do that is by giving parents a collection of short, respectful phrases to say when their child asks for a 5th serve of cake, or yells in your face they don’t want the green beans you’ve put on their plate. These phrases are part of the foundation to help you feel confident and in control of the situation so you can stay calm and not get frustrated! They also set up your mindset to work with your child, not against them. (Click here for my free respectful phrases guide.)

My education

I have a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics, teach nutrition to students at the college level, author higher education materials for textbooks, and most importantly, I’m the mother of two feisty young ladies 4 and under plus a retired guide dog. In my pre-kid days I performed aerial acrobatics (the likes of trapeze, Chinese pole, regular pole, silks, and lyra.) Now I train for fun and fitness.

It’s my belief that every child deserves a healthy relationship with food, and every parent is capable of giving this gift to their child. I’m here to support you on this journey.